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Curly Horse Informational DVD

ONLY $8.00! + shipping

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Click here to hear feedback from those who already received their copy!

(Designed to suit ALL curly horse owners, no matter your registry affiliation or preference!)

I am SO excited to announce the competition of the new Curly horse Video! After putting this whole thing together, I was so encouraged to see so many people doing SO much with their curlies! It not only inspired me but also made me fall in love with the breed all over is truly remarkable to see a collective group of photos and clips all brought together --- I am still in awe.

I would like to Thank ALL of you with my deepest appreciation for your contribution of amazing photos & video. Without you, your amazing photos and persistence, this video would not have been possible!

This is a multipurpose video and can be used for:

Expos demonstrations and Fairs
Breeders can give them to customer or future buyers to educate them on the breed
Owners can show friends, family and others that ask questions about their horses
Give to trainers to educate them on the breed

This video will have SO many uses! It is endless!!

Topics that are discussed are:

What can Curlies do? Lots of photos & video on the Ability of our curlies!
Photos of transformation: summer to winter
Curly Curiosity
Curlies Affinity to humans
Curly Coat variations in color and curl
Size variations: Minis to Draft
Photos of curly eyelashes, curly ears and manes
Photos showing non-spooky behavior, curlies used for Therapy
Photos showing use as trail horses, great stamina and great feet
Curlies around the world - photos overseas
Gaited Curlies
Curly History

AND so much more!!!!

FEEDBACK on the Curly DVD!

"I didn't think a horse video could make me cry...but this one did! It was inspirational and when I was done viewing it, what was left in my mind was all those children hugging and hanging on those curly horses. It was wonderful and beautifully done....thank you!" Carrie Miller

"Great tool for informing the public about our Curly breed ! Everyone we have shown this video to has truly enjoyed it. Comments have ranged from "beautiful" to "very informative" As Curly owners and breeders, this is going to be a very valuable marketing tool for us. We strongly urge all Curly breeders to obtain a copy of this video to show prospective buyers. It definitely shows the versatility of the Curly breed, as well as the good temperament we are all familiar with. Overall, we are extremely happy with it, and will be using this at all of our breed demos in the future. " " Woodke Walnut Woods"

 I just wanted to let everyone know what I thought of the curly horse DVD.....One word describes it....WOW..... I have never seen such a great collection of photos, and video. It is done in a completely unbiased and fair way, just good info ( facts, not fiction ) with some of the BEST photography I have ever seen...of course, it brought tears to my eyes, especially the part of Alzheimer patients hugging curly powerful stuff !  She also covered every question that folks ask.... OUTSTANDING !!! Linda Creekside Curlies

"Got the video today- it was fantastic! I got it from the post office as a friend was picking me up to go pick up my truck from the mechanic, so I invited her to watch it with me. She's pretty diehard rocky mountain horse, but as I was leaving her place she said "Hm, maybe our fourth (horse) could be a curly" So yay! ;-)" Lindsay from Noblewood Bashkir Curly Horses

Great job on the Video!! It made us feel that much more proud to be an owner of this magnificent Breed.  The Music was Great and fit perfectly!!  I would Love to see another one made eventually.  Thank you for the Great Job.  Sheryl Cozy Nook Curlys

AWESOME JOB!! Very professional.  Very impressed.  Loved your commentary at the end. WELL DONE!! Sunnybrook stables






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