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Remembering Curly Tom, The Gentle Giant

Curly Tom was well known, not just for his huge stature but more importantly his gentle dispostion. He sired many wonderful foals that have matured into faithful, dependable mounts for all ages. Sadly, we lost a very vital contribution to the Curly bloodlines when Curly Tom passed away May 1, 2006. He will be greatly missed by the Curly Community and especially by Pat Wilson's family, owners of WW Farms where Curly Tom resided for many years in Ohio. Pat sent in this story and I was honored to post it here.

Cassidy, 2 years old feeding Curly Stallion, Tom some apples after calling him in from the field.

Cassidy, my 4 year old great granddaughter, was with me last week at the barn. We had to go back and throw hay, to 3 horses out front, that do not have a hay roll, they come in at night. Anyway, Cassidy could talk at 1, as good as other kids, at 3-4. I had told you Commance was back, and he was one of the 3. I told her to stay in the truck because of mud, but while I went to get the hay she got out. Said SHE was going to feed JR.  She went on out to the 2 fields, and when I was walking up, Commance came chrging down to the gate. Just as I got there, she said to him, I have missed you so much and was reaching in to pet him. I gave JR one flake, and turned to get one for her to give him. As she was taking it, she said, I have missed him sooo bad. She thought he was Curly Tom. Now, you have to know, she was only 2 1/2 when we lost Tom. But everyday she would go out to the fence and call him. He would always come up and she would feed him apples. When it got to cold,  and the apples were done, he would come back to the fence everyday, at the same time, looking for her. It broke my heart to have to tell her, it wasn't Curly Tom, but Commanche, Curly Tom's baby, grown up. Then I told her, when it warms up, Josh is going to let her ride Commanche. She got excited about this...so this week, we did just that...

Cassidy, now 4 years old, riding Commanche, a son of Curly Tom.

Later last year, Christopher and I were going somewhere. Out of the blue he said, what was his name? Who? I said. That big horse. Which one, I asked? You know, this was so cute,  and he acted like he was pulling hair out of his eyes, you know, we had to do this to see his eyes. Oh, you mean Curly Tom? That's it, Curly Tom, I sure do miss him, and I told him, we ALL do.

Christopher riding Curly Tom (left) as a young boy. Christopher now enjoy Commanche, a Curly Tom Son.

~Curly Tom's Legacy lives on, through his offspring and fond memories shared by the Wilson Family~

Thank you Pat...our prayers and thoughts are with you & your children.


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