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Dixie D

Foundation Curly Horse, Dixie D

There is so much fascinating curly history. This story was told to me by Joe Mead. I may not have used his exact words, but the content is the same.   If some of your horses have Dixie D in their pedigrees, you should take note!

Dixie D was a Damele bred Stallion.  He was tough as any Curly and was not a very large horse.  One day, Benny Damele sold his cattle to a rancher down the road.  In order to round the cattle up, they herded them with their horses.   Benny was riding Dixie D, and the ranchers were riding Quarter Horses.  After long days of gathering up the cattle, one cow decided to lay down in the middle of the road.  The ranchers with the QH's pulled and pulled to remove the cow from the road, but to no avail.  Finally, Benny asked if he could give it a try.  The ranchers didn't think he was serious looking at the size of Benny's horse, especially since their QH couldn't do it. Benny said, in so many words.Listen, for the last few days, I have watched you guys change horses every few hours while my horse here has worked 12-14 hour days with hardly a rest. With that, they agreed to let Benny give it a try.  Sure enough, he hooked Dixie up to the cow and Dixie effortlessly pulled the cow off the road.    Needless to say, the ranchers were quite impressed!

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