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QCard, foundation curly horse bred by Sunny Martin

Q-Card, was a horse worth talking about, born May of 1974 - deceased year of 1998. Q-Card was bred by Sunny Martin, son of Curly Q, ABC P-4 (Sunny Martin's First Curly horse) He was used very little as a stallion, & sired just four (4) foals before he was gelded. Joe and Corine Mead purchased Q-Card from Sunny as a gelding.  Corine wanted a horse she could show and use in promoting the breed.  Joe says he didn't want to be accused of promoting just his own line of horses, but wanted to promote the Curly Breed in general, thus their reason for choosing a gelding such as Q-Card.  He was 15 hh and approx. 1,000 lbs.   Corine did not own a horse trailer at the time she decided to show Q-Card in some local shows.  So she rode him 20 miles to the show, entered over 13 classes (& took most of them) and could have rode him home, but someone offered her a lift. He participated in endurance races as well.  From the information gathered, there wasn't much this horse couldn't do. He logged, hauled and drove.   Even participated in the Rose Bowl parade."plus, you could catch him In open range or the bush without grain." Q-Card died at age 24 of Cancer.   One of his four offspring, Chenno's Bobby Sox has produced many fine quality curly-coated foals over the years.  Through those offspring his bloodline will continue.

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