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My Curly Mustang, American Honey

By Angie Gaines of Golden Curls Ranch

My Curly Mustang, American Honey, is a five year old mare who was gathered in 2009 in the Winnemucca area of Nevada by the Bureau of Land Management. I knew we were meant to be partners when I first saw her video on the Mustang Heritage Foundation's website. The Mustang Heritage Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help the Bureau of Land Management find homes for the thousands of Mustangs that are gathered each year.

One way that this organization promotes adopting a Mustang is to sponsor competitions to show how wonderful these horses are in events called Mustang Makeovers. In January of 2011 I was contacted by a good friend who shares my love for Curly Mustangs that there was a Curly Mustang up for adoption through Mustang Heritage Foundation. I immediately sent in my application to be approved to adopt. Then, waited, and waited and four months the big day finally arrived, Saturday, April 16th. The auction. Friends and family joined us in the Stockyards of Ft. Worth, Texas where we shared a room with others who were anticipating the adoption of their chosen Mustangs. American Honey was number 20. I had already named her before we went. She looks like the color of pure, southern, honey and has a sweet and inviting personality like honey, too!

The bidding was as new adventure for me. I tried to find the way to figure out the signals, the words coming from the auctioneer all the while the phones were ringing and my anxiety was climbing the walls. Then there was her video, I knew immediately I needed to get ready to fight for her and put my bidder number put high. It happened so fast I can only remember that was another fellow in the room who said he would pass and the gavel banged at $1100. Whew, the emotions were over flowing.

After waiting another approximate four weeks, we were able to go pick up our Honey in Paul's Valley, OK. She was everything I thought she would be. I heard comments about her and how ugly she looked but I knew what great beauty she held inside. For you see, I have her relative O'Sparky who is less than three years old and is a stallion. I love this Curly Mustang more than words can express and I feel the same for Honey.

On a Friday, the 13th in May, Honey came to Golden Curls Ranch and we immediately got started getting her back into good health, added many hundred pounds of much needed weight, helped her shed her winter coat and spent hours and hours just hoping to gain her trust.

Honey has responded to our quest to show the horse world what awesome horses she and her herd, Curly Mustangs, are. We knew the road would be rocky, we knew we would spend the first month of a three month challenge helping her regain her health. We knew the competition would be tough and the days long and the nights hot through out our summer training. But, Honey has always giving us the encouragement to keep trying to show the horse world, that Golden Curls American Honey is a Curly Mustang and they are America's horses with heart and curls.

Angie Gaines of Golden Curls Ranch

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