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Childhood Curly Dreams Come True

By Jessica Venhorst in the Netherlands

Ever since I can remember I have loved horses, dreamt about horses and wanted nothing but to be around horses. Growing up in Amsterdam having my own horse was not possible but I rode at a riding stable in a town close to Amsterdam and spent every minute thinking about horses. From cutting out all the pictures whith a horse on it from holiday brochures (even if the horse was only 1 millimeter big on the picture..) to playing with my different model horses and Barbie horses (my age then approx. 7-9 years J ). I remember putting curls in my Barbie horse's mane and tails and pretending that I had discovered a new breed, in my plays I called these horses 'Krullebol Arabieren' (roughly translated as Curly head Arabians). The arabian part because of my aunt and mother (also horse lovers) who always said that an Arabian was the best you could have and I did not know many other breeds at that time. Of course when playing these exeptional horses won all the shows, were the best there were, were extremely sweet and were my best buddy's. I had forgotten all about this after I grew up and stopped playing with the Barbie horses only to remember it again many years later when this dream started to come true.

At age 13 I got my first pony ( a whelsh arab cross) and competed in many competitions and did shows and most of all had lots of fun with my pony. When I moved away to collage I stopped riding because it was not possible to keep in the competitions with only training in the weekend. I started carriage driving in the town where I studied and was still involved in horses but not as much as I used to be. Still every time I was out biking and saw someone on I horse I wished it was me riding a horse!

When I did one of my graduation papers on theraputic riding and the effects on the rider and family I read lots of information on the internet and by coincidence stumbled on a website where Curly horses were used as therapy horses. I had never heard of a Curly horse but was intrigued. I forgot about my studies for a while and browsed the internet looking up everything I could find on Curly horses. I decided right then and there that if I ever was to buy a horse again it would definitely have to be a Curly horse. I decided this while I had never actually met a Curly yet but all the stories I found won me over for the breed. (this was about in 1998). My dream of owning a horse became more intense again but it was years before it became a reality.

In 2004 I first met Curlies and in 2005 I bought my first Curly gelding (Curly cross). He was great but we did not have the 'click' I was looking for and after 3 years I decided I wanted to breed a foal and when my dream mare came on the market I sold my gelding to buy this mare. At this point my memories of the 'Krullebol Arabieren' came back! I realised I was hugely blessed to be able to actually make this childhood dream of breeding a special Curly horse come true and that this dream was not so far from reality and not so silly after all. Before she moved to her new owners she gave me a lovely filly, a real beauty! But it was last spring that I found my real equine partner in my Curly horse Suri, a beautifull palomino mare. It was not until I had here and for the first time studied her in real life instead of from the pictures and video that I realised she is exactly the palomino colour with a bit of white on her forehead as my old Barbie horse, she was the horse of my childhood dreams! She is turning out to be exactly the horse I was looking for, extremely sweet, incredibly kind natured, calm, a lovely ride, beautiful and of course Curly! She is truly the sweetest horse I have ever met, such a great character! All the things I had read about the breed on the internet many years before that got me interested in these lovely horses!

My two Curly girls remind me even in bussy times with work, family and the usual house hold tasks not to forget to do something that is close to your dreams and your heart. I am looking forward to many more Curly advetures and to sharing this dream with many others who share the love for horses.

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