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Colorful Curly World

by Dana Leibfried

This story goes back quite a few years but it is what got us into the wonderful breed. Shortly after my husband and I had purchased our small hobby farm he wanted a horse of his own to ride being I already had one. So I told him he finds one he likes, within reason and we will go take a look. He had found this really pretty paint mare that at the time had a tri-colored colt and full of color and curls at her side. We went and took a look, talked it over and purchased the mare after weaning. A year had went by and we got a call from the family we got the mare from and they were wondering if I would give the girls riding lessons in exchanged for the colt. And this is where it all began.

Oddie came into our lives, on a cool dreary fall evening. Still a stallion, short, and kinda a bit narrow, one blue eye, and just full of color and curl. We had not heard of a curly horse before and neither had the family that had given him to us but they had the paperwork to send in for registry. With the papers a lot of time and research began. The next spring we had him gelded and a lot of ground work began. We had done all the proper steps to get this young colt ready to ride over the next couple of years and didn't start riding him until the fall of his 3 year old year. At the age of 4 we hit the trails a bit, not hard, but had so many compliments on how pretty he was, how well he handled himself, and how well behaved he was. Oddie really grew into himself over the course of the next 2 years, he filled out a lot, and both I and my husband rode him on the trails. He was so trustworthy and fun that we almost fought over who was going to get to ride him. We had been to the county fair, showed in halter, did game events like barrels, and poles. Oddie was also on the county mounted patrol unit. He enjoyed every minute being out no matter where it was or who it was with. He never tired easily, never gave up, and was always game to try something new. This is the type of horse that we where after and this set the passion for the Curly Horse Breed.

Granted we didn't have Oddie for very long but a few short years, but it didn't take us long to fall in love with that big roman nose one blue eye, character of a horse. A recalled vaccine had created a massive swelling on the side of his neck causing him to choke. After several months trying to get him to heal, we ran short of money and signed him over to the veterinarian who was treating him. He is still very full of life and sharing what curly's do best, lots of love and affection to his new owners.

Since losing Oddie we have purchased two more curly horses and both of them have been a pleasure of owning. We take great pride in our horses and what this breed has to offer and enjoy spending quality time with them knowing how very precious it is. It is so hard not to get attached to the affection that theses horses have to offer and what a bunch of fun characters they can be.

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