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Copper our Reining Curly Mare

by Isabeau Riemann of Riverside Curly Horse Ranch in Germany

*Jocker's Bit Of Copper Dust
ABC 2896

*Rhineland Champion 2008
*NRHA Open Champion 2009
*NRHA Open Champion 2010

In the beginning, *Copper was my mother's riding horse.  However, it wasn't always easy with Copper, because she can really be a pighead. All in all it was a lot of fun to participate in a few competitions as well.

In year 2007, a young dedicated western trainer, Stephan Rohde, visited our Ranch in order to look for some training horses. He had never heard of Curly Horses before, so he just rode Copper and said: "Curlies can stopp as well!" Because Copper really can stopp.
Like that he began to train her "Reining". In year 2007, Copper participated the first time in an Open Class. There the standards are extremly high, because the other horses are awesome Quarter Horses with great pedigrees. However, in year 2007 in was only training for Copper. In year 2008, Copper blossomed out and won the Rhineland Championships besides 2 winnings in NRHA Open Classes.

Because of that success, we decided to continue the training. But before, it was her winter break: Every winter Copper has 4 month holidays. Then my mother rides with her in the forest... .
In year 2009, Copper got so many points in NRHA Open competitions, that she was
NRHA Open Champion 2009. Furthermore, she was reserve Rhineland Champion.
At that point, Copper was so high in training, that she only needed about two training units a week to keep her training standard.  That was very important for us, because we do not want our horses to have too much pressure or mental pressure. But all in all we noticed, that Curly Horses are really not easy to be stressed. As long as they have food, they are happy =).

This year, in year 2010, Copper did the same things again: NRHA Open Champion 2010 and reserve Rhineland Champion. Furthermore, she participated in the Regio Cup in Kreuth.
There she really was the only non-Quarter-Horse. However, our Curly-Reiner got the fifth place in the single evaluation.

See the video: v=tBX4JZ0wdm8

Besides the competitions, Copper did great jobs on fairs: Equitana Open Air, Equitana, Pferd-Rhein-Ruhr, etc. We are more than proud about Copper and Stephan. We will see what next year will be ....

About the Author: Isabeau & Reinhard Riemann breed curly horses in Germany, Riverside Curly Horse Ranch.


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