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Equine "Sled Joring!"

by Denise Conroy

Updated December 2, 2010 - Watch Video!

Denise riding *Prairie Espresso Dream, aka Reese.

You have probably heard of "SKI-Joring" so we call this SLED-joring. Which is pulling our friends on sleds behind the horses. These photos were taken last winter in 2005, when we had snow here in Michigan. But this year, all we have is mud & rain. It was so much fun to look at these pics and remember the great time we had. This was the first time we had ever pulled a sled (or anything for that matter) behind our horses. We were stunned that they did SO well!! We both feed our horses in the winter by loading the hay onto a sled and dragging it out to the paddock so the horses are familiar with the sound. Without realizing it, we had desensitized them and they learned to equate the sled to something wonderful, not scary. We were really proud of them and it was a great way to enjoy the snow.

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Denise riding Reese pulling Tasha
Erin riding her QH mare, Bailey
Back view - Reese & Bailey up ahead.

This was my attempt to pull my husband Tom behind Reese on the trail with Skis. We didn't make it very far but I laughed my head off! Tom fell so often that it didn't take long for Reese to know as soon as he felt "no pull" it was time to stop. He would look back at Tom like "Come on man, I'm doing all the work here, can't you get it together??" lol. You can see the rig that we used -- tying an old lunge rope to our waterskiing handle. It worked GREAT.

Pete would try to console Tom by climbing in his lap everytime he fell. It was a hoot!

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