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Stella & Jadie in Showmanship

By Jadie Dennis

On July 22, I came back from North Carolina, after 31 days away. Pulling up our driveway in Ohio, the first thing I looked for was Stella, (BHC Majic Wind) my 4 year old smooth coat Curly.  After a very rough and I must say exciting time with my girl we are in for some hard core training.  I have less than 2 weeks to train after her not being worked for a month.

I worked her in everything from Horsemanship to Ground Driving. Unfortunately I didn't have any training in Showmanship. So I practised hard on the way I show her with a saddle rack, the night before. I expected not to place very high in the show. It was 10:00 in the morning, August 3rd. We are rushing around getting the horses loaded in the trailer (including Stella). After being washed and cleaned up Stella goes down to the trailer to start drying. I was still washing Faith, my contest horse, when they called for the pattern check. I wasn't quite ready, so I didn't go look. I finally had Faith ready so I took her down to let her dry the 15 I had to get ready.

Stella was taking a nap, and I had to wake her up for our Showmanship Class. We were in a class with 6 people. One person doesn't place. The announcer started calling out the places and when he didn't call me for 5th, or 4th, or 3rd.  My heart dropped down to my toes. I didn't place, I couldn't quite understand why I didn't. Stella showed great. We didn't have any faults. I zoned back in the real world when they called my name. I got 1st place! I walked over got my trophy, and took it back to my aunt. I was called in the ring for the Championship class. Stella decided to refuse to trot in a circle but she trotted in the line to the judge. She showed off to him and I went back to set her up and let the others have their turn. 

The girl that got 2nd place in my class, her horse reared up, so that knocked her away from the Grand Champion. I was in that spot. Next was Andi Chapman. She did really good. I was sure she got Grand Champion and my brother got Reserve. They called out Andi for Grand, then Reserve came. Stella started to walk to the announcer stand, so I had to stop her. Then they said I was in Reserve. I was so happy. I got my picture taken with the reserve flag and then I was giving Stella kisses for obeying me, and not putting on a show.  Next was Walk/Trot.  I didn't place in that. Oh well, I thought. I got Reserve in something I didn't practise hard. Now we had a Horsemanship class. This is going to be hard, she doesn't like cantering in the ring. I got 5th, and in a Pleasure class I got 3rd. Figure that one out. I got first place in Ground Driving, and I'm glad, if she hadn't I would be mad. She does so good in that!  In overall We did really good!

About the Author: Jadie is 12 years old and part of the International Ride-A-Curly contest for 2009. Jadie is the only person that has handled, trained, and ridden Stella.  They are the best of friends! 

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